FSI Five Star Interiors Commercial and Residential Framing & Drywall
Our Services
Our scope of work includes new construction, remodeling, custom-designed drywall installation (both functional and decorative), heavy and light-gauge metal stud framing and acoustical ceilings.
Metal Stud Framing
We offer a wide range of commercial construction services, all done by our expert teams and backed by our FSI Guarantee.

We use only top quality materials that stand up to the FSI standards.

  • Interior and Exterior Framing
  • Curtain Wall Construction
  • Heavy and Light Gauge
  • Roof Trusses
  • Metal framing for multi-story structures

Our framers see their work as a true art, framing your project with unmatched skill and expert craftsmanship.
Sheetrocking and Spackling
There are many different types of drywalls. The experts at FSI will work with you to determine which option best suits your needs. In addition to standard drywall, your choices will include:

  • Mold-resistant Drywall
  • Abuse-resistant Drywall
  • DensArmor Plus
  • Durock Cement Board
  • Hardy Board
  • Designer Drywall
  • Lead Sheeting for healthcare facilities
  • Many more drywall options available

We will be happy to explain the characteristics of the various materials to you during your free consultation, or at any point in the process. At FSI, we value close communication with our customers.

We also give you the option of applying a skim coating to your drywall for lasting durability. We do interior drywalls for both commercial and residential constructions.
Decorative Drywall and Custom Installations
In addition to creating designer solutions for your functional needs, Five Star Interiors builds custom decorative drywall structures to enhance your building’s architectural quality. We specialize in custom arches, vaulted ceilings, rounded corners, and many other designs. We work together with your engineer to create a perfect architectural masterpiece.

Your custom decorative drywall will remain beautiful for many decades. We offer a variety of products that prevent cracking at the seams, which often happens when new constructions settle or in response to climate changes.
Your FSI team will assess your project and recommend the best soundproofing methods and materials that fit your needs, ensuring that the results are not only beautiful, but quiet.

Our professionals employ a combination of construction techniques and soundproofing materials to create a customized, tranquil and harmonious environment. Your options will include:

  • Sound Reduction Board
  • RC-1 (Resilient Channel)
  • QuietRock
  • SoundBreak Gypsum Board
  • Green Glue
  • Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall
  • Resilient Sound Clips

Your FSI soundproofing expert will be happy to explain these options to you in greater detail.
Acoustical Ceilings
With the many choices of acoustical ceilings designs available today, we can customize and create a stylish, up-to-date ceiling system that suits your needs, you can count on us for an expert, beautiful job.

We excel in building custom acoustical ceilings and can follow any design, including domes and curves of any size.
Arches, Domes and other Specialty Designs
We offer endless possibilities when it comes to specialty designs. We apply custom-ready arches and domes, thereby eliminating the guesswork and giving you perfect, symmetrical shapes with no deviations. We also provide a wide range of corner options that match your design. Our experts will help construct the edifice of your dreams, creating an architectural masterpiece that will capture everyone’s attention.
Skylights, Windows & Doors
In commercial buildings, we install skylights, windows and metal doors. Our professionals are highly experienced in working with all types of doors, windows and hardware, and guarantee your satisfaction.